Interior and Architecture Photography is that sub genre of photography where the primary attention is kept on capturing photographs of buildings and similar architectural compositions. These architectural structures are both artistically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects. Interior and Architecture photography is all about telling a story about the place with good photographs.

Each space has its own mood and personality. Hence it is very important to capture the mood while adjusting the light and position of objects in the room; focusing on their color, reflections, space and time. Every space, corner or element should be captured strategically using proper tools. Considering all these facts, Professional photographers will help to build that perfect mood.

Architectural photography generally shows either the exterior or the interior of buildings. The techniques used in both of these types of photography are similar up to some extent , but do have some difference depending upon the requirements of equipment.

     Exterior architectural photography from the both usually is done for aesthetically beautiful buildings from outside. Pictures are captures by taking the advantage of daylight, or at night it uses adjacent street lights, lights in surrounding, exterior building lights and also moonlight.
In most cases, the surrounding of the building is important in the overall composition of a photograph. The photographer tries to include background and foreground elements like trees, flowers or statues. This gives a unique touch in the frame and enhances the beauty of the main subject that is the building.

     Interior architectural photography, the second type covers the interior of buildings from aesthetically beautiful flats, corridors, rooms or offices. It is performed generally with the help of natural lights which come through windows and open paths. Even soft lights can help to capture the natural beauty of these interiors. Elements inside the frame like curtains, furniture, lightings, etc. are composed to capture the ambience of the subject.

For Interior and Architecture photography, having the right equipment helps to manage all of the facts. Professional photographers are highly skilled people with specialized techniques and cameras for producing such photography while covering all the facts. Successful images are not only the result of technique or technology: they depend on the perception and creativity of the photographer

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