In a bustling busy market street with hundreds of vegetables & fruit carts, have you ever found your gaze drawn by that one cart which has piles of carrots in the middle surrounded by green peas? With the seller making sure to keep the goods on the cart fresh with the splash of water now and then? Or that Nimbu Pani seller who arranges fresh green mint on his cart even though he doesn’t use the mint at all?
Or suddenly realize that you’re salivating, with stomach growling for food as seconds later some delicious smell wafting in the air?

Then you have experienced your senses driving your buying decisions for you. You may think it’s the other way around where you use your senses to decide if you should buy something!

This is not just anecdotal either. Research studies have shown, for example, that 92% of consumers are driven to a purchasing decision in a few seconds based on product imagery alone.

So how does this help us? Business owners, who are trying to sell our services/products in an increasingly online world? Enter Product Photography!
Arguably the most powerful tool in the arsenal of Sensory Marketing available to E-commerce Sellers and Digital Marketers alike.

Here are the 4 Reasons E-Commerce Product Photography can be your secret weapon:

  1. Captivate your audience in a glance, stand out in endless lists.

    About 95% of customers are attracted by visual content and consider it the key deciding factor for their purchasing decision.

    With the current COVID-19 situation and an increasingly digital world, almost everyone is shifting their traditional businesses to their own online shopping portals or through other various online sellers like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.
    So standing out in these endless lists is extremely important if you want to compete and gain an edge over others.

    Professional Product photography can create high-quality images for sellers like you. This will create the authentic visual representation of your product. These images act as first impression of your products and have the power to make users stop scrolling and captivate their attention.

    Sanjay from Keto Ice-Cream Chennai attests to the fact that he has observed straight correlation between Professional Product Photography and increased sales conversion! What more could you ask for?
    And the cherry on ice cream? Their audience associate finesse of his delicious product photos to the size of his organization, assuming they are much bigger than they are, thereby being more trusting and perhaps willing to pay the good bucks.

  2. “Not just a product, sell the feeling”.

    It’s a cliché for a good reason when we say “picture is worth a thousand words”.
    And when you sell a product, you may gain a consumer but when you sell a feeling, that’s when you gain a loyal customer: a brand evangelist.

    While in person, there might not be enough time to tell a thousand-word story, but a great product photographer can create a powerful piece of art which captures not only your product in its most flattering light, but also tells a story which sells the feeling and your vision behind it.

    You can really zoom in to focus on your favourite aspects of the products or its USP or zoom out to show how the products are used in daily lives by capturing models use them or how it goes with the environment.

  3. High ROI, because of versatility.

    As you might know, users more or less follow a specific path from first coming across a product to ultimately buying it. We call it Users’ journey or a Sales Funnel as a more technical term. Different types of content is required to nudge users along each step of the funnel.

    Unlike almost all other content types one might use throughout the funnel, high quality professional product photographs provide value in almost all of these steps.

    For example, Bhushan from Vhaan vouches for the versatility of photos resulting from E-Commerce Product Photography. These photos are used in social media campaigns to create awareness (first step of the funnel), to create constant engagement, in blogs, e-mail letters, to attract people to buy (near the end of the funnel) by using big sized detailed photos of products.

    And the versatility of product photography doesn’t end here, they are essential for the brand too, as explained in the next benefit.

  4. Create better, uniform digital properties and brand personality.

    Users love brand consistency. They might not know this explicitly but it is common knowledge in the industry that brands thrive when they create and maintain a brand personality and use similar branding throughout their social media channels, websites, apps etc

    The images shot by the professional product photographer can help form this branding/unique style to be used throughout your digital properties. And by doing so, helping you establish yourself as a reputed online seller or e-commerce brand making sure customers don’t drop off in the funnel transitioning from channels to website/app.

    4 Reasons you just can’t ignore E-commerce Product Photography anymore | The Lens India Photography

Bonus Information: Nitty-gritty of the product photography from The Lens India

Hiring a Professional Product Photographer for your E-Commerce Product Photography is the best idea in most cases because sometimes self-photography may fail miserably due to poor quality of the product photographs. They may not represent the true colour, shape, size of the product and you might end up painting the wrong picture like either failing to highlight your product or creating a false image and failing to deliver. However, here are some tips which can guide you, should you chose to go for it yourselves:

  1. Generally, e-commerce photography for any product shoot is done on a plain or pure white background so that the product is highlighted adequately. You can highlight multiple aspects and create a single output which highlight all those components.
  2. Post-processing work of the image also must be very precise, for example, colour correction, removal of unwanted spots on the product or removing the scars, blemishes from models face or skin, etc.
  3. When a visitor gets to the product detail page, the product image should be large and clear. As visitors would almost always make sure to check photos in detail before making their final decision, the image should zoom and enlarge to a size that shows the details of the product.

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