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Wildlife safari tours & Japan Photography Tour

Wildlife Safari Tours In India

Wildlife safari and Birding tours
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Wildlife safari and Birding tours

Experience the best wildlife safari tours and birding tours at best of the national parks with such huge natural wealth which are exist in India and getting to see the diverse wildlife & over 2500 species of birds will be indeed a lifetime experience for our guest travellers. We are pleased to offer tailor-made wildlife safari itineraries in following areas/national parks.

Wildlife Safari Tour - Jungle safari tour to Tadoba National Park
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Wildlife Safari Tour -Tadoba National Park

Tadoba is considered to be one of the highest index which is approximately ranging between 70% ~ 75% and considered to be The Heaven for Tiger Sightings. Apart from Tiger sightings one can also enjoy the amazing jungle beauty and see other species like, leopard, slot bear, wild dogs, bison, sambar, barking deer’s, different species of water birds, nilgai, striped hyena, etc

Wildlife Safari Tour - Jungle safari tour to - Pench National Park
Booking Open
Wildlife Safari Tour -Pench National Park

Pench National Park wildlife safari tour provides every visitor a enormous opportunity every visitor to travel around and see the wide range of wildlife species and especial knows as Tiger Reserves. This sanctuary is inhibited by Tigers, Sloth Bear, Leopards, Fox and many more exciting wild life creatures.


Wildlife Safari Tour - Jungle safari tour to Kanha National Park
Booking Open
Wildlife Safari Tour -Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park also no as Kanha Tiger reserves. The park has a significant population of tigers, Indian leopards, dholes (wild dogs), sloth bears, and the Barasingha (Swamp Deer), black buck, etc. Kanha National Park is a very beautiful location and indeed its scenic beauty really gives us a feel of heaven.


Japan Photography Tours

Japan Autumn Photography Tours

Photography Tour - Japan Autumn Photography Tour
Booking Open
Japan Autumn Colors Special Photography Tour:
Nov-2024, 2025 & 2026

For an utterly unique autumn color (Koyo) experience at a relaxed pace, our Japan Photography Tour capturing Autumn leaves Colors is based on this theme to capture breath-taking images of changing colors which will have a very heavenly feel in our images. Book your seats to the extraordinary Autumn Photography tour by The Lens India

Photography Tour - Japan Autumn Photography Tour
Booking Open
Japan Off-Beat Locations Autumn Colors Photography Tour:
Nov-2024, 2025 & 2026

Experience the uniqueness of Offbeat locations of Japan during autumn color (Koyo) Opportunity to apply your creative photography skill while capturing these unseen locations of Japan through your eyes, Book your seats to the extraordinary Offbeat Autumn Photography tour by The Lens India

Japan Photography Tour - Japan Autumn Colors Special– Photography Tour
Booking Open
Japan Autumn Photography Tour: Capturing the Cultural Colors of Kyoto
Nov-2024, 2025 & 2026

Kyoto, renowned for its historical significance, traditional architecture, and vibrant fall foliage, is an idyllic backdrop for capturing stunning images that will leave an indelible mark on your portfolio. Book your seats to the extraordinary Offbeat Autumn Photography tour by The Lens India


Japan Winter Photography Tours

Japan Winter Photography Tour
Booking Open
Japan Winter Wildlife Special Photography Tour:
Feb-2025, 2026 & 2027

Japan’s credentials as a wildlife photography destination are often neglected, however, apart from the glistening cities in Japan we can indeed experience the dreamy and heavenly wildlife of Japan. Book your seats to the extraordinary Japan’s Winter Wildlife Photography tour by The Lens India


Japan Winter Photography Tour
Booking Open
Japan’s Winter Wildlife Birding Tour:
Jan-2025, 2026 & 2027

The chilling winter conditions will be the best period where we can experience the best of the lights for shooting the exquisite images by adding wonderful color to our wildlife portfolios. Our Japan’s Winter Wildlife Birding Tour to Hokkaido is perfect for those who are nature lover, travel lover & photography lover.


Japan Winter Photography Tour
Stay Tuned.. Coming up Soon
Japan Chilling Winter Photography Tour:
Feb-2025, 2026 & 2027






Japan Spring Cherry Blossom Photography Tours

Japan Photography Tour - Japan Spring Cherry Blossom – Photography Special
Booking Open
Japan Spring Cherry Blossom Photography Special:
Apr-2025, 2026 & 2027

These Cherry blossoms have very typical characteristics depending on where they are in Japan and what part of the season, they are blooming. The contrast of the pictures with the pink blossoms and the shades of green and the white-eye of the mejiro mean pictures of a lifetime. Book your seats to the extraordinary Cherry Blossom Photography tour by The Lens India

Japan Spring Cherry Blossom – Photography Special
Stay Tuned.. Coming up Soon
Japan Spring Cherry Blossom Photography Special:
Mar-2025, 2026 & 2027






Japan Spring Cherry Blossom – Photography Special
Stay Tuned.. Coming up Soon
Japan Spring Cherry Blossom Photography Special:
Apr-2025, 2026 & 2027






Best Photography Tours

Guided Photography Tours by The Lens India: Unveiling the Wonders of Wildlife and Landscapes


Embark on an unforgettable journey with The Lens India, the leading photography organization in Pune.

Specializing in guided photography tours, The Lens India offers an exceptional opportunity for both photographers and general travelers to explore the breathtaking beauty of India’s national parks and indulge in captivating international photography tours to Japan.

With a strong focus on wildlife and landscape photography, The Lens India guarantees an enriching and unforgettable experience for all enthusiasts.

Join us as we delve into the details of their customized tours and the accolades that make them stand out in the industry.

Guided Wildlife Safari Tours in IndiaA Thrilling Adventure:

The Lens India takes pride in offering customized wildlife safari tours to the best national parks across India.

Whether you are a passionate photographer or a general tourist, these tours are designed to cater to your specific interests and preferences.

Immerse yourself in the wild and capture stunning shots of India’s rich biodiversity.

From the awe-inspiring tigers of  best National parks of India Like Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, Jim Corbett, etc The Lens India ensures you witness nature’s wonders up close.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, The Lens India organizes thrilling jungle safari tours.

Traverse through dense forests, track elusive wildlife, and capture breathtaking moments that will stay etched in your memory forever.

Accompanied by experienced guides, you will have the opportunity to witness rare species, such as leopards, sloth bears, and a myriad of exotic bird species.

The Lens India’s commitment to responsible tourism ensures minimal impact on the environment, ensuring a sustainable and ethical experience.

International Photography Tours to Japan:

Photography TourThe Lens India’s expertise extends beyond India’s borders, offering exclusive international photography tours to Japan.

As certified Japan Specialists by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), The Lens India provides an immersive journey through Japan’s stunning landscapes. From cherry blossom-laden parks to serene bamboo forests, capture the essence of Japan’s unique culture and breathtaking scenery.

With expert guidance, you will unlock the secrets of landscape photography and create extraordinary images.

We plan Photography tour to Japan targeting the following seasons:

Autumn Special Photography Tours:

To capture the breathtaking photographs of the autumn or fall colors of Japan at off-beat yet best locations of Japan

Cherry Blossom Special Photography Tours:

To capture the heavenly and ethereal photography of Cherry blossom during spring season of Japan at off-beat yet best locations of Japan

Winter Wildlife Photography Tours:

Japan’s credentials as a wildlife photography destination are often neglected, however, apart from the glistening cities in Japan we can indeed experience the dreamy and heavenly wildlife of Japan.

Furthermore, by travelling in winter, there are no end of wonderful images that we can capture Japanese macaques bathing in the hot springs of the Japanese Alps and stunning array wildlife ranging from Steller’s sea eagle, Red Crowned Crane, etc on sea ice off the coast of Hokkaido.

Tailor-Made Tours for Every Enthusiast:

At The Lens India, customization is key. They understand that every photographer has unique preferences and requirements.

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast seeking rare sightings or a landscape photographer in search of picture-perfect frames, The Lens India designs tailor-made tours to cater to your specific needs.

Their experienced team of guides and photographers ensures you make the most of every moment, providing valuable insights and guidance to enhance your photography skills.

Unparalleled Expertise and Accreditation:

The Lens India’s reputation as the leading photography organization is built on their unparalleled expertise and industry recognition.

Their team of professional photographers and guides possess extensive knowledge of the best photography spots, lighting techniques, and wildlife behavior.

As certified Japan Specialists by JNTO, they have undergone rigorous training to curate exceptional experiences for their clients.

Trust in their expertise and embark on a photography tour that exceeds your expectations.


To summarize what is the takeaway from our Photography tours as well as Jungle Safari Tours are:

  • Unique cultural experience
  • Appropriate balancing of seen & unseen locations
  • Interaction with local communities.
  • Customized photo tours for photographers
  • Local support team.
  • Providing guidance for out for professional photography equipment’s

For an extraordinary photography experience, join The Lens India on their guided photography tours.

Whether you’re capturing the mesmerizing wildlife of India’s national parks or immersing yourself in the ethereal landscapes of Japan, The Lens India promises an unforgettable journey.

Embrace the opportunity to refine your photography skills, connect with nature, and create lifelong memories.

Book your tour now and discover the wonders that await you with The Lens India.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years’ experience in photography is required?
No matter what your current photography level is. We can accommodate beginners as well as advanced
photographers alike. As we have small group sizes, we can provide individual and personalized attention for
each person and help you improve your photography at whatever level you are at. Our one of the main
objectives is experience sharing at all levels and grow together.
What will I learn on your tours?
The aim with our tours is to improve your photographic skills, creativity understand and learn different culture
and give our participants unique lifetime experience with good memories.

We design our tours to guide you to the best of locations and experiences in the best light where possible.
Together with our teaching and feedback, you will learn how create great travel images. If you are beginner
you will learn how to visualize a scene better before capturing the moment, explore the environment you are
capturing, understand cultural considerations, and develop your own personal style. If you are already master,
you will add to your experience and will certainly have exchange of information.

Can a non-photographer attend our tours?
Certainly Yes.

Although our tours (our Photography Tours) are specifically designed for photographers. Since everyone brings
a camera with them on vacation nowadays and will take photos for their memories. So even if you don’t have
a specific interest in photography, anyone can still be free to join our tours, but since the focus of our Tours
(not to discriminate) is on photography first and foremost, so you will have to give consideration to the
photographers’ needs first.

One great benefit of our Photography Tours is we spend a lot longer time at specified locations as compared to
usual tours, and at the best times for photography where possible. This means you will get enough time to see
destinations and sights when they are visually more appealing and can be relaxing for you in real terms, also
you don’t have a rushed sightseeing experience or hoping tour experience that is so common among typical
group tours.
Wherever possible, we will also recommend a range of activities for the non-photographers in our tour if at all
non-photographers prefer to have free time in lieu of visiting a location together with the photographers.

What camera and equipment’s should I carry?
We usually recommend DSLR or Mirrorless cameras, but a digital compact camera or point and shoot camera is also adequate.

Based on your photography taste you can also carry different lenses depending on the tour; the full tour itinerary and preparation information will provide recommendations, or just connect with us for further information.

If you have yet to get a camera or are looking to purchase a camera or other photography equipment before taking a tour, please feel free to contact us for any purchasing advice.
Wherever possible we can also recommend you to, go for rental equipment if required.

What is the difference between your and other tours?
Our Photography Tours are best described as great travel experience. We design our Photography Tours in such a way so that you don’t have to worry about logistics once you arrive on tour and can focus fully on photography as we take you to the best locations to shoot.

Our tours provide a great mix of photography learnings, multiple opportunities to create great images, and great travel fun among a group of like-minded people.
Particularly our Photography Expeditions are designed to explore different locations trips to learn about new destinations. We would like to run Tours to in future, to visit specific events and festivals, and to look for unique photo opportunities.

Additionally, our Expedition have a more flexible itinerary than other tours wherever possible as we assess each location/attraction/weather and spend as much, or as little time as required to achieve our photographic aims.

Our Photography Tours are known for a classic sightseeing experience.

Can you customize tours for us?
Yes, we can.

We can customize tour for your subject to max 7 people in a group so that we can give personal attention to every individual during tour to best possible extent. If there are larger groups then, we will recommend a second leader in the tour to join the group. For custom tour pricing, please contact us.

We plan for destination you would like to visit of your choice. If you are interested in one of our standard photography tours or expeditions but want to adjust the itinerary, we can certainly do that. If you’d like to do this, please contact us to discuss things in more detail.

Are there any additional costs?
Wherever possible price covers all accommodation, some meals, most entrance fees, and the domestic travel costs in the Tour country. However, you will still need to pay for your own international flights, visas, and insurance and some places which are not specifically mentioned in inclusions. Apart from this, souvenirs, tips, personal snacks, and optional activity fees are additional costs. For further information, please visit our Tours section and read the Inclusions and Itinerary sections for the Tour you are interested in.
Can you organize my flights, insurance, visa and other travel planning?
No, however our travel booking partners will be able to help you with flight arrangements and travel insurance.
In case if our travel booking do not have their office at your location, then you will need to arrange your own visas, and we strongly recommend contacting the Tour country’s local embassy or consulate for further information.
You will also need to arrange your own vaccination and any travel medication that you may need.
Can you accommodate special dietary requirements on your tours?
This can be discussed case-by-case basis. If you have or on special diet (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free etc.), you will need to contact us before booking to find out if we can accommodate you. For our Japan tours, we are able to accommodate vegetarians. Contact us regarding other special diets.
What about refunds or cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be received in writing. No refunds will be made for unused services, regardless of the reason. Cancellations are subject to the following cancellation fees applied per person, per confirmed booking from the date the written cancellation is received: Please refer the policy below

46 days or more prior to arrival date in Japan: no penalty

45-31 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 10% of the tour price

30-15 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 20% of the tour price

14- 8 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 30% of the tour price

7 – 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 50% of the tour price

Less than 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 100% of the tour price.

Cancellation of any third-party suppliers’ arrangements will be subject to fees charged in accordance with that supplier. Refunds will not be given for unused or cancelled services after your arrangements have commenced.

Our cancellation policy indicates the fact that we have to make payments to our suppliers and comply to their booking conditions. It is a condition of attending our tours to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place. In case of force majeure, no refunds available.
NOTE: Above are the generic cancellation policy point. This may change based on each tour being planned. It is recommended to refer the to cancellation policy of each tour displayed on website

How about bad weather or seasonal variations?
This is something which is beyond our control. All though we assess weather forecast adequately so that we can capture the targeted season, however, but some of the best travel photos have been taken in less than ideal shooting conditions. Certainly, your safety is our priority hence, we won’t venture out in dangerous weather conditions.

Seasonal variations due to weather change may have effect Tours such as our Japan Cherry Blossoms or Autumn Colors Tours. It’s impossible to predict with accuracy month/date in advance for both the cherry blossoms and autumn colors for their peak bloom periods but our tours are usually planned based on typical average opening to peak times for these phenomena.

How much luggage should I carry?
Lighter the better. For our Photography Tours and Expeditions, we strongly recommend keeping your luggage lighter and bear minimum required items in your baggage as our tours run in different locations in different seasons and may have adverse weather conditions.
Do you follow strict tour schedule?
Our tour schedules are generally strict, so that we can get good light and place to capture good images. but the timings are such that there is room for flexibility depending on the shooting conditions and how quickly a shooting session finishes. Our tours also have free time scheduled in to do your own thing or to simply rest and relax if required.
How many people are accommodated in a group tour?
For our Photography Tours, the group size is limited to 7 participants max.

Smaller the group better is the engagement with each other.

What about the fitness requirements on your tours?
Our Photo Tours are suitable for people 15 years and older with a moderate level of fitness and involves plenty of walking each day and you will need to be able to carry all your own camera equipment by yourself too.

Please let us know if you have any special needs due to physical limitations or any other challenges. We will assess people with special needs on a case-by-case basis so that appropriate guidance or alternatives can be provided.

Considering the above fact, please keep your luggage as light as possible so that you will be able to manage and handle this completely on your own as we move between our accommodation

Can you accommodate people with special diets and/or food allergies?
For our Japan tours, generally we can manage as vegetarian options are available and we can have various source to buy from the convenient store which are open 24x7.

But If you have a dietary restriction like vegan, halal, gluten free, allergies, etc then please discuss in advance before booking the tour. and are interested in booking a tour with us, please contact us first so we can discuss your needs because depending upon the location where we are going situation may differ. Unfortunately, for those with too many food restrictions (e.g. vegan, halal) and severe food allergies (e.g. peanut), we are unable to cater for your needs on our Japan tours and you will not be able to book onto our regular tours.

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