About The Lens India:

Professional Photography services – The Lens India – was established in November 2013 by Kiran Joshi, one of the Leading Photographer in Pune today.

The Lens India provides professional photography service in Pune and is specialized in fashion photography, lifestyle photography, Ecommerce photography & product photography.

Experience our commercial photography services ranging from fashion, editorial, advertising, product Ecommerce photography.

We can create an authentic visual representation of your product/brand which will defines its identity to the viewer with a distinct style, composition, and visual appeal.

Hence… “Experience The Enhanced Perspective” for your product/brand with us.

Apart from the commercial photography, The Lens India is also actively involved in following areas of professional photography for aspiring photographer as well as professional photographers at pan India level.

  1. Photography courses:

The Lens India conducts the photography course online as well as classroom session for aspiring photographers right from beginner level to advance photography session which also includes photo editing or image post processing sessions. The Lens India also provide one-on-one coaching or act as a photography mentor related to various subjects related to photography.

  1. Photography Workshop:

Throughout the year The Lens India conducts one-on-one or small group Photography workshop in Pune with our expert and experience Photography Mentors related to fashion photography (both indoor and outdoor), product photography, and Studio lighting photography. Each photography workshop is designed very carefully so that it provides a great platform for the workshop participants to learn new skills and at the same time build the work portfolio related to photography.

  1. International Photography Tours To Japan:

The Lens India strongly believes that, apart from the commercial aspects of photography, photography is an “Art”. Hence, as a photo artist it gives an immense pleasure when we create a photograph.

Photography tours is one of the most important platforms which gives such opportunity to the photographer to challenge themselves to create breath-taking stunning fine-art photographic images and make them feel overwhelmed.

Following this, The Lens India also organizes various domestic as well as international photography tours with like minded people, where the photographers learn, share, and take their photography skills to next level by synergizing with each other. Images or photos created during these tours can also serve the excellent purpose of wall art for home décor, interior design, etc.

Altogether, images created through these photography tours is a fantastic opportunity to create the great travel photograph and indeed is memorable experience of the places visited.

The Lens India’s expertise extends beyond India’s borders, offering exclusive international photography tours to Japan. As certified Japan Specialists by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), The Lens India provides an immersive journey through Japan’s stunning landscapes. From cherry blossom-laden parks to serene bamboo forests, capture the essence of Japan’s unique culture and breathtaking scenery. With expert guidance, you will unlock the secrets of landscape photography and create extraordinary images.

4. Wildlife Safari Tours:

The Lens India takes pride in offering customized wildlife safari tours to the best national parks across India. Whether you are a passionate photographer or a general tourist, these tours are designed to cater to your specific interests and preferences. Immerse yourself in the wild and capture stunning shots of India’s rich biodiversity. From the awe-inspiring tigers of best National Parks of India, The Lens India ensures you witness nature’s wonders up close. The Lens India organizes thrilling jungle safari tours.

Traverse through dense forests, track elusive wildlife, and capture breathtaking moments that will stay etched in your memory forever. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will have the opportunity to witness rare species, such as leopards, sloth bears, and a myriad of exotic bird species. The Lens India’s commitment to responsible tourism ensures minimal impact on the environment, ensuring a sustainable and ethical experience.

For an extraordinary photography experience, join The Lens India on their guided photography tours. Whether you’re capturing the mesmerizing wildlife of India’s national parks or immersing yourself in the ethereal landscapes of Japan, The Lens India promises an unforgettable journey. Embrace the opportunity to refine your photography skills, connect with nature, and create lifelong memories.


About Owner:

Kiran Joshi is commerce graduate from Pune University. Prior to his experience in photography, he has rich corporate professional experience of more than 23 years with diversified background and has worked with various multi-national companies.

He started his photography journey since 1995 as amateur photographer and subsequently decided to step into the professional world of photography as professional photographer, from November 2013. He strongly believes that photography is not about just clicking pictures by camera but, it is something beyond operating a professional camera.
For him, photography is about “Capturing” & “Composing” the “Light” which has “Emotion”,” Life” & “Feeling” and it has a lots of potential to “Engage” viewer in the images captured.

He has received several awards in the photography contest conducted at national as well as international level. Based on his contribution in “Fashion Photography” Sigma Academy of Photography, Telangana in collaboration with Telangana Tourism & Department of Language & Culture, Govt. of Telanaga awarded him “Honorary Fellow of Sigma Academy Of Photography (Hon.FSAP)” title in 2017.

He exhibited his “Fashion Photography” images as “Master’s Exhibition” at Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad organized by Sigma Academy of Photography, Telangana in collaboration with Telangana Tourism & Department of Language & Culture, Govt. of Telanaga.

At The Lens India, Kiran with his skillful and creative team, focuses to create an authentic visual representation of a product/ brand. This will define its integrity to the viewer with a distinct style, composition, and visual appeal. Hence “Experience The Enhanced Perspective” for your product/ brand with The Lens – Professional and Leading Photographer in the Pune.

Apart from the commercial Photography work, at The Lens India, we also conduct Professional Photography courses, workshops, seminars, demos, etc. related to various genres of photography. Learn Basic to Advance Photography from Experienced mentor. As a photo-artist, Kiran also sells fine-art photographic prints to individual/ corporate clients. Have a look and buy the artwork in the form of Wall art, Home decor, Art Prints on Phone cases and apparels, and much more..

Experience The Enhanced Perspective

Leading Photographer in Pune

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optimized cost

We don’t claim we are cheaper, but, we surely give optimized deals. We would provide the best pricing/cost with no impact or reduction in scope of service delivery.

Professional skills

Highly skilled, adaptive and professional team to meet client requirements. Our team shall be dedicated to serve you with the best photoshoot.

Perfect Equipments

Perfect equipment’s available to deliver the desired output. We try to stay upgraded with equipment according to the latest photography needs.

ultra hd

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light. We focus on all the availabilities and capture an Ultra HD photographic moment.


“Vision is the Art of seeing the Invisible”. We apply unique, creative ideas and vision to deliver the best possible output.

focusing knowledges

We continuously strive to upgrade our skills and knowledge to stay up to date with the latest equipment, availability and styles to meet the client demands.

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