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How Fashion and Glamour photography actually differ | Why does it matter?

       One of the most popular genres of photography are Fashion and Glamour Photography and often we treat fashion and glamour photography as one and the same, treating it as a Model Photography. But the fact is, fashion photography and glamour photography, in principle, are different; and there is an exceptionally fine line of difference between these two genres. Why does it matter? Many times, the difference between fashion and glamour...

Fashion and Glamour

Glamour & Fashion is becoming our new way of life and every individual wants to get the stunning look by aligning himself/herself towards latest fashion trends. Keeping this genre of photography in mind, we support our clients by undertaking photo shoots for their stunning glamour & fashion products which may be required for e-commerce/on-line shopping/print shoot/catalog, etc. Apart from this we also undertake making of model portfolios...

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