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Beginner Level
Basic Photography Course
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Intermediate Level
Foundation Photography Course
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Wildlife Photography
Wildlife Photography Course
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Advance Level
Advance Photography Course
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Photo Editing
Photo Editing & Post Processing Course
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Studio Lighting
Master Studio Lighting Technique
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Product Photography
Product Photography Workshop
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High Fashion & Portrait
High Fashion Portrait Photography
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Photography Courses and Workshops 


As the world is moving ahead, photography is gaining more and more popularity. With the advent of the technology, access to the photography and it’s equipment has become much more easier. Buying and operating DSLR’s have become much easier.

Considering the current scenario, Kiran Joshi, owner of The Lens India Photography facilitates such one-on-one Photography courses and workshops in Pune for all those passionate photographers who are willing to learn the art of photography.

But before you select or join our Professional Photography Courses, Let’s understand this first:

When it comes to learning photography, many times people are so impatient and are more focused on the Camera model, it’s make and the lenses.

However, cameras/ lenses are merely just tools or machines to capture the images. A good DSLR or mirrorless camera or lenses does not necessarily mean that everyone owning those DSLR or mirrorless cameras will be able to capture great images.

On the contrary, photography is not about “capturing image” it is about “creating an image”.

How do we create an image?

Photography is about learning the art of capturing “Light” by understanding the behavior and various aspects of light which can create the mood, emotions, as well as emphasize the physical attributes & characteristics of the object.

We shoot these objects in the image irrespective of the inclusion of human objects or not. In short, photography is not about capturing the beauty or beautiful objects, places, etc. but, it is about capturing the beauty of “light”.

This is how we “create images”.

To understand this in a better way you would love to see the work of my photo artist friends Mr. Shriram Kondawekar, Mr.Milind Tambe, & Kiran Joshi (my own work).

This will indeed inspire you to learn the art of photography.

One-On-One Photography Courses and Workshops in Pune:

The Lens India offers carefully designed, various photography courses as well as photography workshops in Pune.

The courses are designed as classroom photography sessions and online photography sessions also.

Our experienced Photography Mentor Kiran Joshi at The Lens India and also Top rated Urban pro Mentor has designed many photography lessons in the workshops.

He shares the tips and techniques of photography from his experience which will help the students learning photography, to develop the creative vision as well as technical aspects of photography.

No fancy business and complete focus on developing the creative skills and technical skills of our students or enthusiast photographer is our Motive.

The Lens India Photography Courses and workshops have Basic to Advance Level of professional training with various aspects covered at different levels.

Join Us now and enrol yourself in the Professional Photography courses and Workshops today!!

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Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this course?
Anyone with a D-SLR/Mirrorless camera having interest in learning photography can join this course.
I don’t have a D-SLR/Mirrorless camera. Can I join this course?
Yes, you can join this course. However, as our courses are more oriented on hands on training with cameras it is highly recommended that you own the camera. In case, if you do not have a camera, we can help you by recommending the source for renting out the camera on rent in case of face-to-face classroom sessions. For student joining online will have to arrange their rental camera on their own.
I don’t have any photography background & don’t know anything about my D-SLR/Mirrorless camera.
Can I join this course?
Don’t worry about this. Our photography course is designed to make you understand right from the beginner level to bring in complete conceptual required clarity. Therefore, your situation is perfect situation to start learning the photography.
I have learned photography basics on the internet through YouTube, etc. Will this course benefit me?
Great.. But empty your mind and join our course. Whatever free information is available on the internet or YouTube is certainly helpful. But it is in bits and pieces and should be referred to as supporting or additional information. Proper methodological learning will help you to understand deeply with our courses.
Where will I find myself after this course?
Each course is designed to get a certain level of output. Depending on the level of course you select and after completion of the course you will notice significant improvement in your photography skills. You will comfortably capture creative photos at various scenarios. However, there is no shortcut to success, you need to keep practising.
One of the famous photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson says that, “Your First 10,000 photographs are your worst after you learn photography”. So, imagine how much effort you need to put to excel your skills.
Dedication, determination, resilience, no dejection is the key to your success.
What are age and education criteria for this course?
Anyone with the age limit between 16 to 60 years can join the course.
Do you conduct any free demo sessions?
No. We are offering these training from 2013. Our expert mentors have trained hundreds of students through our photography courses and workshop and are enjoying their photography hobby with excellence. Some of them are pursuing it as professional photographers as well.
How often do you conduct this course?
We are not focused on the batches; we can start even if there is only one student. However, we do restrict the count of student’s maximum of 5 students so that personal attention can be given.
Do you conduct the Online Photography courses?
Yes. Except for the advance courses like wildlife photography, portrait photography fashion photography, product photography, etc, all the photography courses are conducted online either through Zoom or through Google meet.
What if I miss any of the sessions of the course?
Normally we strongly recommend not to miss the session(s). However, we can be flexible enough.
But such situations of missing the sessions should be in extreme situations or with genuine reasons.
Will I get the support after completion of the courses in case of any difficulty?
Of course, YES. This is our differentiating factor and strength. Our students can get in touch with us by taking the proper appointment and seek advice on their photography related difficulties.
Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Yes. But. we are not associated with any of the institutions/universities. However. student will have to appear for 100Marks exam (50Marks Theory & 50 Marks Practical) and should score minimum 70% in each category to earn certificate from The Lens India.
Do you provide or recommend photography jobs?
We do not provide or recommend photography jobs directly. However, we can provide free of cost consultancy to start your photography or other similar platform like stock photography, selling fine art print, etc.

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