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Amazing Japan’s Winter Wildlife Special Photography Tour – Feb 2025


Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife TourTour Background:

Accompanied by photographer & Japanese language expert Kiran Joshi, we shall be exploring winter wildlife of Japan in the midst of winter to create stunning finest wildlife photographic images Hokkaido and the Japanese Alps.

Japan’s credentials as a wildlife photography destination are often neglected, however, apart from the glistening cities in Japan we can indeed experience the dreamy and heavenly wildlife of Japan where we can capture.

Furthermore, by travelling in winter, there are no end of wonderful images that we can capture Japanese macaques bathing in the hot springs of the Japanese Alps and stunning array wildlife ranging from Steller’s sea eagle, Red Crowned Crane, etc on sea ice off the coast of Hokkaido

The chilling winter conditions will be the best period where we can experience the best of the lights for shooting the exquisite images by adding wonderful color to our wildlife portfolios.

Our Japan’s Winter Wildlife tour is  perfect for those who are nature lover, travel lover & photography lover.

Upon arrival in Japan, we stay overnight at Haneda and after relaxing next day we will proceed for our expedition.

We move to Hokkaido, Japan’s most northerly island which is covered with snow, the rivers frozen over, and the wintry countryside graced by the Japanese Reed crowned crane which are considered to be most auspicious and one of the endangered species, with its elaborate courtship rituals.

Upon coming back to Tokyo, next day we will visit Nagano, to enjoy the iconic sight of Japanese macaques also known as snow monkeys bathing in natural hot springs at Jigokudani (Hell’s Valley).

Brief about the main wildlife species which we are going to experience:

Snow Monkey:

Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour. Nagano. Snow MonkeyJapan’s most famous primates are the ‘snow monkeys’ of the Jigokudani hot springs near Yudanaka Onsen.

These monkeys love to play in the natural hot spring baths. We can experience a very spectacular scene here; whole families of monkeys eat, wash, splash around and even have snowball fights.



Red Crowned Crane:

Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour. Kushiro- Tsurui- Red Crowned Crane. TanchoThe tancho or red-crown crane are believed to represent longevity and have long played a special part in Japanese mythology.

Due to urbanization this is one of the endangered species.

We can spot them at Tsurui’s crane sanctuary, and this is a beautiful spot to experience the cranes’ famous mating dance.


Steller Sea Eagle:

Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour Steller's Sea EagleOn a bird watching trip to Hokkaido, we shall be tracking Steller’s sea eagles which can be seen from the Nemuro Peninsula.

This is the largest eagle in the world weighing 5 to 9kg and the birds are known for their distinctive yellow beaks.



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Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour. Kushiro- Tsurui- Red Crowned Crane. Tancho幻想的な冬の野生動物を撮って見ませんか?


1. 丹頂鶴、オオワシ、オジロワシ、ニホンザルなど雪景色の中で躍動する野生動物と出会い、撮影撮影を目的とした特別企画です。
2. ツアー中は適時にプロ写真家 キラン・ジョシ(Kiran Joshi)さんから写真撮影のアドバイスをいただけます。絶景を捉えた写真とともに、おすすめのフォトスポットをご紹介します。
3. 北海道 釧路(鶴居村→屈斜路湖→根室→ 長野→東京(山中温泉地獄谷)→の10日間国内ツアー
4. 自然を楽しみにながら写真撮影はもちろん、海外の方とのコミュニケーション等もして見たい方に対して良い機会です。
5. 日本政府観光局(JNTO)によるJapan Specialist Program認定フォトグラファーキラン・ジョシ(Kiran Joshi)は英語、ヒンディー語、マラーティー語以外に日本語での会話サポートいただけます。

ツアー日程: 2月12日 ~ 2月21日
日数: 10日間
グループ人数: 8 – 10名様
料金: USD5,500(Ex.羽田空港)


長野(山中温泉地獄谷): ニホンザル

Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour. Nagano. Snow Monkey







北海道 釧路(鶴居村): 丹頂鶴

Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour. Kushiro- Tsurui- Red Crowned Crane. Tancho








Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour







Photography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife TourPhotography Tour - Japan Winter Wildlife Tour







+91-83088 09875


Mail: [email protected]



* 国内旅行のため、再利用割引・特別割引はありません。
* 当ツアーは出発前の最終旅行説明会を開催いたしません。ご質問等はお気軽に担当までお問い合わせください。
* 天候や観察・撮影状況により撮影時間を短くしたり、撮影場所を変更することがあります。日程表に記載の野生動物、野鳥などはその観察を保証したものではありません。

  • 取引条件は事前に確認の上お申し込みください。
What is included?
Below things are included with our tour package.
  • Accommodation in standard hotels (Twin Sharing)
  • Transport and excursions as per itinerary
  • Meals (As Specified in Itinerary)


Considering the Photography timing’s Breakfast is not included in package.

Hotels Stay (Names) are subject to change based on booking availability

What is NOT included?
Below things are NOT included with our tour package.
  • International/Japan Domestic airfares/Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals and food not listed in itinerary
  • Portable Wi-Fi internet access
  • Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)
  • Personal spending money
  • Tips & gratuities (not expected in Japan)
  • Any other specific not included items

Tour Schedule

Tour Dates: 

2024: 12th ~ 21st Feb (Booking Closed)

2025: 12th ~ 21st Feb (Booking Open. Confirmed Dates)

2026: 12th ~ 21st Feb (Booking Open. Confirmed Dates)

2027: 12th ~ 21st Feb (Booking Open. Confirmed Dates)

(Refer Itinerary for details)

Summary of Placed visited

  1. Kushiro (Tsurui Village)
  2. Lake Kussharo
  3. Nemuro
  4. Nagano (Yamanouchi) – Jigokudani
  5. Tokyo

Bullet train /Regular train / Private Coach / Taxi /Domestic Flight (Refer Itinerary for Details)

NOTE: Please note this tour includes extensive use of public transport and walking as main methods of transport. Refer itinerary for details

Small group photography tour

8 – 10 Pax

Main Things to carry:

Cold Protection:

  1. -25°C Extreme cold Clothing (min 4 to 5 layer clothing, shoes, gloves, mask)
  2. Crampons
  3. Medicines

Camera Equipment’s & Gears:

  1. D-SLR/Mirrorless Body: 2 Max
  2. Lenses: Telephoto Lens (200-500mm or 400mm or 600mm, 70-200mm) –Any 1, Normal/Wide angle Lens – Any 1
  3. Enough Batteries and Cards
  4. Tripod with gimble head

Important Note:

  1. Above are the only recommendation. Please carry equipment’s and gear which you can manage on your own in field or while travelling. Handbag restrictions is up to 10kgs only.
  2. Personal/Baggage flight allowance might be more than 20kgs, however, keep minimalistic so that you can move with ease by managing your own luggage as the tour has moderate to extensive walking locations.

Tour Price:

Feb-2025: USD4900 + Tax, if any (Ex. Haneda-Tokyo)

(Approx INR.410,000)

Feb-2026:USD5,200 + Tax, if any (Ex. Haneda-Tokyo)

(Approx INR.430,000,)

Feb-2027:USD5,500 + Tax, if any (Ex. Haneda-Tokyo)

(Approx INR.455,000)

Important Note:

  • Prices are subject to change depending upon the change in Hotel/Domestic Airfare/Transport charges.
  • Early bird price or any discounts if applicable will be Void in case delay in the payment by tour participant w.r.t specified payment schedule. (Refer Payment schedule)
  • Tour participant shall start the Visa Process shall at least start one month before the travel date or as per the country specific visa rules and comply to those requirements.
  • Documents for visa purpose (Itinerary, Hotel Booking Confirmation or any other document as the case may be) shall be shared to tour participant only upon the full payment of the tour price.


Day-1: 12th Feb 2025/2026/2027

Tokyo – Haneda

  • CX696 Mum 22:55 ~ HKG 7:00; CX548 HKG 8:55 ~ HND13:55 (Recommended flight from Mumbai)

Arrive At Haneda Airport Stay @Haneda Airport

  • Convert the JR pass, Buy Sim Card and Move to Hotel (If applicable)
  • 14:55Hrs Move to Hotel By Airport Shuttle bus
  • 15:30Hrs Check-in: Hotel at Haneda
  • Rest & Freshen up for some time
  • 19:00Hrs ~ 20:30Hrs Dinner at Indian restaurant
  • Come Back to Hotel and rest

(End of Day 1)

B/F: N Lunch: N Dinner Y(Indian)

Train/Bus/Taxi: Airport Shuttle Bus

Day-2: 13th 2025/2026/2027


  • 7:00Hrs ~ 7:30Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 8:00Hrs Check-out Hotel: Hotel at Haneda Tokyo by 45am Bus Free Shuttle Bus to Airport
  • 8:45 Move to Haneda- Kushiro (Domestic Flight ANA NH741 11:25 ~ 13:00)
  • 13:00Hrs ~ 13:30 Kushiro – Tsurui Village by Private coach (35Kms, 45min Drive)
  • 15:00Hrs Check-in Hotel: Tsurui Mura (We can visit Tsurumi Dai for Shoot/observation by keeping the luggage in rooms.
  • 16:00Hrs Return to Hotel and stay at Tsurui
  • Have dinner at rooms Self-cooked food

(End of Day 2)

B/F: Y Lunch: N, Dinner Y(Indian)

Train/Bus/Taxi: Airport Shuttle Bus & Private Coach



  1. We can have lunch at Doremifa-sora restaurant in Tsurui-mura
  2. Have a location sighting at Tsurumi dai
  3. Carry Food (ready to eat packets)/breads sufficient

Day-3: 14th 2025/2026/2027


  • 3:45Hrs ~ 8:00Hrs Early Morning Go to Otowa Bridge for Photoshoot of Red-Crown Crane (Located Near Otowa Bridge 1.7Kms) Move by Private coach
  • 8:00Hrs ~ 9:00Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 9:30Hrs ~ 16:00Hrs Photo shoot at Tsurumi dai (550m.7min walking distance) & visit place nearby place with local guide to shoot Ezo Ural Owl, and search for other species like red Fox etc and try our luck
  • 16:00Hrs Return to Hotel and stay at Tsurui
  • Have dinner at rooms Self-cooked food

(End of Day 3)

B/F: Y Lunch: Y Dinner-Y

Train/Bus/Taxi: Private Coach for Otowa Bridge only


  1. We can have lunch at Doremifa-sora restaurant in Tsurui-mura
  2. Carry Food (ready to eat packets)/breads sufficient

Day-4: 15th Feb 2025/2026/2027


  • 3:45Hrs ~ 8:00Hrs Early Morning Go to Otowa Bridge for Photoshoot of Red-Crown Crane (Located Near Otowa Bridge 1.7Kms) Move by Private coach\
  • 8:00Hrs ~ 9:00Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 9:30Hrs ~ 16:00Hrs Photo shoot at Tsurumi dai only (550m.7min walking distance)
  • 16:00Hrs Return to Hotel and stay at Tsurui
  • Have dinner at rooms Self-cooked food

(End of Day 4)

B/F: Y Lunch: Y Dinner-Y

Train/Bus/Taxi: Private Coach for Otowa Bridge only


  1. We can have lunch at Doremifa-sora restaurant in Tsurui-mura
  2. Carry Food (ready to eat packets)/breads sufficient

Day-5: 16th Feb 2025/2026/2027

Tsurui- Lake Kusharo – Lake Mashu – Nemuro

  • 7:00Hrs Check-out Hotel: Tsukushi Village & Move to Lake Kussharo by Private Coach
  • 8:30Hrs~ 9:30Hrs Breakfast at Lake Mashu & Photoshoot
  • 10:00Hrs~10:30Hrs Visit Mt. Iozan (Sulphur Mountain) quick photoshoot
  • 11:00Hrs~ 13:30Hrs Photoshoot of Swan/Duck at Lake Kussharo
  • 13:30Hrs~ 14:30 Lunch at nearby restaurant
  • 15:00Hrs Move to Nemuro (118Kms, 2.00Hrs Drive)
  • 17:00Hrs Check-in Hotel: Hotel at Nemuro
  • Have dinner at rooms Self-cooked food

(End of Day 5)

B/F: Y Lunch: Y Dinner-Y

Train/Bus/Taxi: Private Coach



  1. We can have lunch at Lake Mashu restaurant
  2. Have Lunch Near Lake Kussharo
  3. Have Dinner at Lake Sunset
  4. Carry Food (ready to eat packets)/breads sufficient

Day-6: 17th Feb 2025/2026/2027


  • 7:00Hrs ~ 7:30Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 8:30Hrs ~ 16:00Hrs Photography of Red Fox, Steller’s Sea Eagle & White-Tailed Eagle.
  • 19:30Hrs Dinner at Hotel

(End of Day 6)


B/F: Y Lunch: Y, Dinner-Y

Train/Bus/Taxi: NA



  1. Carry Food (ready to eat packets)/breads sufficient

Day-7: 18th Feb 2025/2026/2027

Nemuro – Tokyo

  • 7:00Hrs ~ 7:30Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 8:30Hrs Check-out Hotel: Hotel at Nemuro and Leave to Kushiro Airport (2.5Hrs Drive)
  • 13:45Hrs Flight Kushiro – Tokyo Haneda (ANA NH742 13:45 ~ 15:30)
  • 16:15Hrs Haneda Airport to Hotel by T-CAT Bus 16:15
  • 17:15Hrs Check-in Hotel: Hotel at Tokyo
  • 17:15~19:00Hrs Rest
  • 19:30Hrs ~ 21:00Hrs Dinner Indian Restaurant Indian Restaurant

(End of Day 7)

B/F: Y Lunch: N, Dinner– Y(Indian)

Train/Bus/Taxi: Private Coach till Kushiro Airport & T-Cat Limo

Day-8: 19th Feb 2025/2026/2027

Tokyo- Nagano-Tokyo

  • 6:20Hrs Leave Hotel for Nagano
  • 6: 57Hrs Take train. Enter A2 Ningyocho Stn P2 Hibiya sen (6:57am) –Ueno Stn (From Ueno 7:26am Hokuriku Shinkansen) – Nagano Stn East Exit (reach 8:42am)
  • 8:45hrs From Nagano by private coach move to Yamanouchi-Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • 10:30Hrs ~13:00Hrs Snow monkey Photoshoot
  • 13:00Hrs ~ 13:30Hrs Climb down
  • 13:30Hrs ~ 14:30Hrs Lunch at Snow monkey park base
  • 15:00Hrs Leave by for Nagano Station (1.5Hours Drive)
  • 17:04Hrs Nagano -Tokyo: (Bullet Train -Hokuriku-Shinkansen) (1:36H)

Nagano Stn (5.04Pm Hokuriku Shinkansen) – Ueno Stn (Hibiya sen 6:44pm) – Ningyocho 6:51pm (Exit A2)-Hotel

  • 19:30Hrs ~ 21:00Hrs Dinner Indian Restaurant Indian Restaurant

(End of Day 8)

B/F: N Lunch: Y Dinner– Y(Indian)

Train/Bus/Taxi: Private Coach & Train

Day-9: 20th Feb 2025/2026/2027

Tokyo (Nihonbashi-Near TCAT)

  • 7:00Hrs ~ 7:30Hrs Breakfast at Hotel
  • 9:00Hrs Start for Asakusa Sensoji Temple
  • 9:30Hrs ~ 13:30Hrs Shopping/Photography/Sighting at Sensoji shrine
  • 13:30Hrs~ 14:30Hrs Lunch at Indian Restaurant
  • 14:30Hrs ~ 15:15Hrs Tea Ceremony 45min session photoshoot at Chazen Asakusa
  • 15:30Hrs~ 18:30Hrs Visit Tokyo Skytree for Shopping
  • 18:30Hrs~19:30Hrs Have Dinner at Indian Restaurant Near Skytree
  • 19:30Hrs. Back to Hotel

(End of Day 9)

Meals: B/f – Y, L- Y(Indian), D- Y(Indian)

Entry Fees: Not applicable/Not Included

Locations: Asakusa/ Skytree

B/F: N Lunch: Y, Dinner-Y

Train/Bus/Taxi: Train travel

Travel Route:

  1. Hotel – Ningyocho Enter Via A3 (P4) for Asakusa Line 9:44am– Exit Via A4 for Kaminarimon (30min)

Day-10: 21st Feb 2025/2026/2027

Tokyo- Narita- To Board Flight

  1. Check-out Hotel: Hotel at Tokyo @ 5:05am
  2. Board Flight Limousine from T-CAT Terminal at 5:30am



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2nd Instalment: USD2200 On or before 30th Nov 2024

3rd Instalment: USD2200 On or before 30th Dec 2024

Note: For Feb-2026 & 2027 Tour Booking can be done by Paying USD500 as of now.

Date for the balance Payment remains same as above with two equal instalments

CANCELLATIONS (Applicable for only this tour)

In the event you may have to cancel your Booking or are unable to make the payments in accordance with Booking & Payment Schedule specified we reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

Numbers of Days before

Tour Start Date                        Cancellation Fee as a % of Tour Price

60-48 days                                Deposit plus 10% Tour Price

47-35 days                                Deposit plus 20% Tour Price

34-22 days                                Deposit plus 30% Tour Price

21-14 days                                Deposit plus 45% Tour Price

13-8 days                                  Deposit plus 75% Tour Price

7 days or less (or no show)   Deposit plus 100% Tour Price

Check with your travel insurance provider in the event you need to cancel. You may be entitled to reclaim these charges. Claims must be made directly with your insurance provider.

The date of cancellation shall be decided on the written notice given to the Tour Operator/Tour Leader by You detailing the cancellation request

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Baggage and the personal belongings of the tour participant will be his/her sole responsibility, throughout the tour. Tour Operator/Tour Leader shall not be liable for the loss/damage of any kind.

Individual tour participant shall be required to follow the common civil code and the rules of that particular country during the entire tour. Any inconvenience/damage caused to the other tour participant in the tour shall call for a strict action by Tour Operator/Tour Leader towards the defaulter. There will be no compensation rendered to the defaulter, in case, he/she needs to leave the tour.

Meals will be served as mentioned in the specific tour itinerary at our cost.

Tour Operator/Tour Leader does not have any control over the price/exchange rate fluctuations towards railway/flights/bus/hotels/shipping companies or any other service provided by third party.

Although we make every attempt to provide the best service to the tour participant, however due to any unprecedented situations, Tour Operator/Tour Leader shall not be responsible for delays/deficiencies for the services provide by the outside service providers.

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The Tour participants are requested to collect their journey tickets from the Tour Operator/Tour Leader office address or as per the method specified after making the full payment of the tour price.

The Tour participant is required to join the tour as per the itinerary given from the Tour Operator/Tour Leader for the respective travel destinations. Please note that if any tour participant travels before or after the journey date(s) specified to any destination which is not the part of itinerary, then, Tour Operator/Tour Leader shall not be responsible & liable for any additional cost wherever applicable.

Taxes shall be applicable as per the Government Rules and Regulations.

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COVID-19 Test expenses, or any other such expenses related to medical criteria as per the travel destination country before/after shall be borne by the participant.

Please ensure you have a valid travel insurance in place before the travel and in case of any untoward incidences, claims shall be settled with insurance company. Tour Operator/Tour Leader shall not be responsible for any losses related to baggage/medical issues, etc.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years’ experience in photography is required?
No matter what your current photography level is. We can accommodate beginners as well as advanced photographers alike. As we have small group sizes, we can provide individual and personalized attention for each person and help you improve your photography at whatever level you are at. Our one of the main objectives is experience sharing at all levels and grow together.
What will I learn on your tours?
The aim with our tours is to improve your photographic skills, creativity understand and learn different culture and give our participants unique lifetime experience with good memories.
We design our tours to guide you to the best of locations and experiences in the best light where possible. Together with our teaching and feedback, you will learn how create great travel images. If you are beginner you will learn how to visualize a scene better before capturing the moment, explore the environment you are capturing, understand cultural considerations, and develop your own personal style. If you are already master, you will add to your experience and will certainly have exchange of information.
Can a non-photographer attend our tours?
Certainly Yes.
Although our tours (our Photography Tours) are specifically designed for photographers. Since everyone brings a camera with them on vacation nowadays and will take photos for their memories. So even if you don’t have a specific interest in photography, anyone can still be free to join our tours, but since the focus of our Tours (not to discriminate) is on photography first and foremost, so you will have to give consideration to the photographers’ needs first.
One great benefit of our Photography Tours is we spend a lot longer time at specified locations as compared to usual tours, and at the best times for photography where possible. This means you will get enough time to see destinations and sights when they are visually more appealing and can be relaxing for you in real terms, also you don’t have a rushed sightseeing experience or hoping tour experience that is so common among typical group tours.
Wherever possible, we will also recommend a range of activities for the non-photographers in our tour if at all non-photographers prefer to have free time in lieu of visiting a location together with the photographers.
What camera and equipment’s should I carry?
We usually recommend DSLR or Mirrorless cameras, but a digital compact camera or point and shoot camera is also adequate. Based on your photography taste you can also carry different lenses depending on the tour; the full tour itinerary and preparation information will provide recommendations, or just connect with us for further information.
If you have yet to get a camera or are looking to purchase a camera or other photography equipment before taking a tour, please feel free to contact us for any purchasing advice.
Wherever possible we can also recommend you to, go for rental equipment if required.
What is the difference between your and other tours?
Our Photography Tours are best described as great travel experience. We design our Photography Tours in such a way so that you don’t have to worry about logistics once you arrive on tour and can focus fully on photography as we take you to the best locations to shoot. Our tours provide a great mix of photography learnings, multiple opportunities to create great images, and great travel fun among a group of like-minded people.
Particularly our Photography Expeditions are designed to explore different locations trips to learn about new destinations. We would like to run Tours to in future, to visit specific events and festivals, and to look for unique photo opportunities. Additionally, our Expedition have a more flexible itinerary than other tours wherever possible as we assess each location/attraction/weather and spend as much, or as little time as required to achieve our photographic aims.
Our Photography Tours are known for a classic sightseeing experience.
Can you customize tours for us?
Yes, we can. We can customize tour for your subject to max 7 people in a group so that we can give personal attention to every individual during tour to best possible extent. If there are larger groups then, we will recommend a second leader in the tour to join the group. For custom tour pricing, please contact us.
We plan for destination you would like to visit of your choice. If you are interested in one of our standard photography tours or expeditions but want to adjust the itinerary, we can certainly do that. If you’d like to do this, please contact us to discuss things in more detail.
Are there any additional costs?
Wherever possible price covers all accommodation, some meals, most entrance fees, and the domestic travel costs in the Tour country. However, you will still need to pay for your own international flights, visas, and insurance and some places which are not specifically mentioned in inclusions. Apart from this, souvenirs, tips, personal snacks, and optional activity fees are additional costs. For further information, please visit our Tours section and read the Inclusions and Itinerary sections for the Tour you are interested in.
Can you organize my flights, insurance, visa and other travel planning?
No, however our travel booking partners will be able to help you with flight arrangements and travel insurance.
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Can you accommodate special dietary requirements on your tours?
This can be discussed case-by-case basis. If you have or on special diet (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free etc.), you will need to contact us before booking to find out if we can accommodate you. For our Japan tours, we are able to accommodate vegetarians. Contact us regarding other special diets.
What about refunds or cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be received in writing. No refunds will be made for unused services, regardless of the reason. Cancellations are subject to the following cancellation fees applied per person, per confirmed booking from the date the written cancellation is received: Please refer the policy below
46 days or more prior to arrival date in Japan: no penalty
45-31 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 10% of the tour price
30-15 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 20% of the tour price
14- 8 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 30% of the tour price
7 – 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 50% of the tour price
Less than 3 days prior to arrival date in Japan: 100% of the tour price.
Cancellation of any third-party suppliers’ arrangements will be subject to fees charged in accordance with that supplier. Refunds will not be given for unused or cancelled services after your arrangements have commenced.
Our cancellation policy indicates the fact that we have to make payments to our suppliers and comply to their booking conditions. It is a condition of attending our tours to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place. In case of force majeure, no refunds available.


How about bad weather or seasonal variations?
This is something which is beyond our control. All though we assess weather forecast adequately so that we can capture the targeted season, however, but some of the best travel photos have been taken in less than ideal shooting conditions. Certainly, your safety is our priority hence, we won’t venture out in dangerous weather conditions.
Seasonal variations due to weather change may have effect Tours such as our Japan Cherry Blossoms or Autumn Colors Tours. It’s impossible to predict with accuracy month/date in advance for both the cherry blossoms and autumn colors for their peak bloom periods but our tours are usually planned based on typical average opening to peak times for these phenomena.
How much luggage should I carry?
Lighter the better. For our Photography Tours and Expeditions, we strongly recommend keeping your luggage lighter and bear minimum required items in your baggage as our tours run in different locations in different seasons and may have adverse weather conditions.
Do you follow strict tour schedule?
Our tour schedules are generally strict, so that we can get good light and place to capture good images. but the timings are such that there is room for flexibility depending on the shooting conditions and how quickly a shooting session finishes. Our tours also have free time scheduled in to do your own thing or to simply rest and relax if required.
How many people are accommodated in a group tour?
For our Photography Tours, the group size is limited to 7 participants max.
Smaller the group better is the engagement with each other.
What about the fitness requirements on your tours?
Our Photo Tours are suitable for people 15 years and older with a moderate level of fitness and involves plenty of walking each day and you will need to be able to carry all your own camera equipment by yourself too.
Please let us know if you have any special needs due to physical limitations or any other challenges. We will assess people with special needs on a case-by-case basis so that appropriate guidance or alternatives can be provided.
Considering the above fact, please keep your luggage as light as possible so that you will be able to manage and handle this completely on your own as we move between our accommodation.
Can you accommodate people with special diets and/or food allergies?
For our Japan tours, generally we can manage as vegetarian options are available and we can have various source to buy limited options from the convenient store which are open 24x7.
But If you have a dietary restriction like vegan, halal, gluten free, allergies, etc then please discuss in advance before booking the tour. and are interested in booking a tour with us, please contact us first so we can discuss your needs because depending upon the location where we are going situation may differ. Unfortunately, for those with too many food restrictions (e.g. vegan, halal) and severe food allergies (e.g. peanut), we are unable to cater for your needs on our Japan tours and you will not be able to book onto our regular tours.

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