Food Photography is capturing the real taste and flavor of the dish. So keeping the photography as natural as possible is the first and foremost step here. It is true when chefs say that we eat with our eyes first. Photographing food is an art and professional food photographers are the best to help here. The Food captured in the photos can be used for menus in restaurants, used as advertisements, or used in a cookbook. Publishing these pictures on websites, social media and food delivery apps is the next level nowadays.
After preparing an awesome and tasty delicacy, it is unfair, if you are not getting your food photographed. We are just a call away to shoot your delicious recipes in a tasty way.

Our professionally captured mouth-watering shots will tempt food lovers and make them even more hungry. We explore the biggest strength of that dish or food. May it be the freshness, the texture, the color or the shape. We also realize what kind of feeling that food brings, can be comfort, freshness, contentment and much more. We try to catch all the angles and capture the feelings into the lenses.

Combining all the availabilities, we move plans and work for the final picture, throwing focus, adjusting perfect angle and compose. Put these captured feelings of food before your customers to make them crave for your delicious food.

Food photography can be done in studio under controlled lighting or in natural lights in a restaurant. The light, background and setup is carefully prepared to capture the dish in a natural and attractive way. Food photography may include Food recipes, Beverages, Starters, or desserts. Each item can be complemented with a subtle and suitable background that would complement the dish or drink. Photographs are captured from various angles such as from side or from the top. This would give the dish a unique touch.

 The Lens India specializes in Food photography, ensuring food aspects are taken care properly by understanding the food dishes of clients thoroughly.

We carry our photographic skills in order to give their restaurant or food outlet an outstanding result. We aim to help restaurants, food outlets, bakeries, cafe’s and grocery stores work on the strength of their food photography. We would capture an image that will perfectly exhibit the true flavor of the dish. This will surely boost food business’s brand image on their website, social media, blog post, or offline marketing strategy too and flourish the business. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants.

Latest Works in Food Photography

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