Photography Workshop – Master Studio Lighting TechniquePhotography Workshop- Master Studio Lighting Technique

Mastering Studio Lighting: Unleash Your Photography Skills with The Lens India


The Lens India, a renowned photography organization, is thrilled to announce its exclusive two-day, one-on-one photography workshop on “Mastering Studio Lighting Techniques” in Pune. This intensive workshop aims to equip photography enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of studio lighting and elevate their photography to new heights. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a complimentary eight-hour hands-on session, further enhancing their practical experience.

Day 1:

Theory and Fundamentals (Studio Lighting Techniques)

The first day of the workshop will focus on the theoretical aspects of studio lighting, providing participants with a solid foundation to comprehend the intricacies of this essential skill. Led by industry-leading professionals, the workshop will cover the following key topics:

  1. Understanding Lighting Equipment: Learn about various types of studio lights, light modifiers, and accessories, including soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, and more. Discover how different equipment affects the quality and direction of light, enabling you to create the desired mood and atmosphere.
  2. Light Setups and Techniques: Explore a wide range of lighting setups used in studio photography, such as Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, loop lighting, and high key and low key techniques. Understand the purpose, application, and effects of each setup, and how to effectively manipulate light to achieve desired results.
  3. Mastering Light Ratios: Dive into the concept of light ratios and their impact on creating dimension and depth in photographs. Learn techniques to control and balance light ratios for professional-looking images.
  4. Lighting Styles: Discover different lighting styles, including beauty lighting, fashion lighting, and portrait lighting. Gain insights into the unique characteristics and requirements of each style, allowing you to adapt and excel in various genres of photography.

Day 2:

Practical Application and Hands-on Session

The second day of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on learning, where participants will have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, they will engage in practical sessions that include:

  1. Setting Up a Studio: Learn how to create a well-equipped and efficient studio environment, including proper positioning of lights, reflectors, and background setups. Explore techniques for creating a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for subjects.
  2. Directing Models: Understand the art of working with models, directing poses, and capturing their best angles. Gain valuable insights into building rapport, creating a relaxed environment, and effectively communicating your vision to achieve stunning results.
  3. Lighting Techniques in Action: Implement the lighting setups and techniques learned during the workshop. Experiment with different lighting modifiers and techniques to create a variety of moods, effects, and dramatic compositions.

Complimentary Bonus:

1-Day Hands-on Session for the self practise within one month from the session

As an added benefit, participants will receive an additional free eight-hour hands-on session to further refine their skills. This session will offer an opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest, seek personalized guidance from mentors, and practice the techniques learned during the workshop.

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The Lens India’s two-day, one-on-one photography workshop on “Mastering Studio Lighting Techniques” in Pune promises to be a transformative experience for photography enthusiasts. By gaining a solid theoretical foundation, hands-on practice, and additional personalized guidance, participants will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to create stunning studio-lit photographs. Don’t miss this chance to unlock your true creative potential and join the ranks of accomplished photographers. Register now and illuminate your journey in the world of professional photography.

Photography Workshop schedule as follows:
Dates:  Call for the Enquiry
Timing: 10:30am ~ 5:30pm
Location: The Lens India studio, Pune
Workshop Fees: Rs.22,500/Person (Including lunch)

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In case if you need any additional details please feel free to contact: +91-8308809875

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