Fine art Photography…If we want our dreams to get fulfilled it requires both the sacrifice and the cost. To become the successful fine art photo artist as a photographer, you need to spend the substantial amount of time for creating the fine art photographic images.

Fine art photographs do not simply sell because they are great. But they get sold because, the art buyer feels the connection with the art created by a photographer or the photo artist.  This also involves lot of marketing efforts to establish yourself as a photo artist.

Before we sell our Fine art photographs, we need to understand following things:
  1. Why do people buy Fine art photograph?
  2. The artistic aspects of Fine art photography
  3. The technical aspects of Fine art Photography
  4. What type of Art sells?
  5. Understand what is Art as Fine art photo artist?
1.Why People buy Fine Art Photograph?

Have your ever thought why people buy Fine art Photograph?

Well, it is quite simple! 

Art is alluring and all art lovers want the art piece to be a part of their lives. Owing a stunning piece of art makes you feel proud, keeps one motivated, inspire creativity in the viewer during the discussion.  Art helps relieving the stress and acts a great stress buster. Although there are infinite reasons why one buy a piece of fine art, however, let’s understand top 5 reasons about this.

Creativity & Expressiveness:

Fine art photograph creativity and expressiveness inspires, motivates and fill you with a new liveliness. This help people open their minds, make them think deeper and helps removing their creative roadblock. Art has the potential to challenge your imagination and creates moods, emotions and feelings.

Enhance the Environment & Ambience:

Art has a power to create the positive effect in the environment and enhances the ambience. It engages the viewer and enriches the induvial by creating the sense of pleasantness.

Art as Gift or Present to the loved ones:

Many people buy art piece for gifting to loved ones for their special occasion, celebrate their happiness, etc. By all means art always serves as the best gift.

Inbuilt Love for Art:

Large number of art buyer have a very emotional response for the artistic creation and tend to buy art even if they do not have deep knowledge about art. They just feel good and sense a strong connection with a piece or art and which is a good enough reason to buy. These collectors purchase art which engages them visually which they find it meaningful to their sentiments and emotions.

Appreciation value or the Investment Dimension:

Investing your money in the Art is one of the best and oldest. Over the period the value of piece of Art appreciates in most of the cases. Therefore, are people buy the art with the sole intent that will yield good financial returns.

Selling Fine art Photography | The Lens India Photography

2.The artistic aspects of Fine art photography.
  1. Fine art photography is about the photo artist. Fine art photography is about artist, the subject, and is about the photography technique what the photo artist applies to create the fine art. Photo artist is the most important element in creation of fine art photograph.
  2. The photographer must consider himself artist first without restricting to any specific genre. As the artist statement is an essential to represent the art it is especially important that photographer must understand the value of art himself as an artist, because artist visually represents views and approach of own work.
  3. The artist must exercise the full control of the technical as well as the creative process and the final outcome of work.
  4. A fine art photograph is done with an objective of creating a work of art. Creating a fine art photograph means creating an image that goes beyond usual vision of the scene or the subject being photographed. Moreover, it means creating an image that shares the artist vision, a message or a metaphorical aspect. This is what means it is not just taking a photograph but creating a photograph.
  5. A fine art photography is not created by just clicking the image or creating record photograph like documentary. Fine art is just the opposite of record or documentary photography. It is an expression of an sensitive artist who shares his vision to the world.
  6. Fine art photography is the image which shows the artist is interpreting the scene or the subject.
  7. Fine art photograph strongly involves the emotional content of the artist. These emotional contents is a combination of photographic compositions, horizontal or vertical format, colors, contrast, moods based on the light situation and much more in a harmonized way.
  8. Creating a fine art photography is a very complex and sophisticated process. Photograph created through this process can be very simple or minimalist, but still can be interpreted in various ways by the viewer.
  9. There is always a metaphor present in the image. This metaphor can be expressed through various ways and does not necessarily be self-evident.
  10. The more emphasis is on quality rather than quantity by paying attention to fine details to take the creation of artwork at highest possible level.
  11. Cost or pricing of the fine art photograph is secondary.
  12. Every fine art photograph created by the photo artist is a artist statement represented visually.

Selling Fine art Photography | The Lens India Photography

3.The technical aspects of Fine art Photography:
  1. Exposure quality and preciseness of the photograph is the primary requirement to achieve the desired result.
  2. Subsequently, post-production or post-processing is another dimension which play a very vital role in order to express the artist vision. This is because what we see, camera sees and finally records is different. Here post processing does not necessarily mean manipulation of image. Instead, it means that RAW images captured are optimized and enhanced through photo processing software like Adobe Photoshop or lightroom, etc.
  3. Fine art photograph also represents the technical mastery because both camera and post processing or image editing software’s are constantly upgrading and changing. In such scenario’s artist must continue to refine the skills and upgrade himself regular to be in mainstream.
  4. Possessing technical skill results in making technically excellent photography. However, it does not necessarily create the artistic photograph. But certainly, to produce high quality fine art photograph fine art photography must have excellent technical knowledge too the express his vision through his artwork.
  5. Fine art photographer not only should have photographing subject or editing knowledge but also, should poses a good printing knowledge as finally the fine art is supposed to be printed for a sell.

Selling Fine art Photography | The Lens India Photography


4.What type of Art sells?

Apparently, it is very difficult to mention which type of image becomes the best seller. There are several factors based on which the sell of the image is determined. Broadly we can consider the factors below:

  1. Types of Prints sells best
  • High Contrast Photographs
  • High Saturation Images
  1. Based on Color combination
  • Images having Reds or warm color
  • Images with Cool tones with some warm tone in it
  • Trendy Fashion Colors
  1. Based on Subject
  • Popular & famous location
  • Flowers & it’s macro
  • Waterfalls with sense of motion
  • Night photography of city scape
  • Reflections
  • Minimalist composition images
  • Glamour images

Art buyer’s, Interior designer’s often select the images mostly based on above factors. These fine art photographs can be used for Décor at various places and locations like;

Home Décor: People like to put this image in the hallway, Laundry room, bedroom, living room, etc

Workplace & Corporate Office décor: Board rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, private offices particularly those photos which has corporate feel.

Hotels & Restaurants Décor: Hotel Rooms, Lobby, Bathrooms, Banquet hall, etc.

Creating best seller fine art photography is always a challenge. However, try to shoot variety of subjects and situations which might be trending during that particular time.

Selling Fine art Photography | The Lens India PhotographySelling Fine art Photography | The Lens India PhotographySelling Fine art Photography | The Lens India Photography


5.Understand what is Art as Fine art photo artist?

As a photo artist understand that Art is not a commodity like food, clothing, etc which are of regular type use.

Value and respect the art which is created by you.

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