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Photography Workshop-01: Effective Studio Lighting Technique


Photography Workshop-01

Studio Lighting Technique

Photography WorkshopHave you ever thought what is the secret of a great photography?

The key to great photography is to understand the aspect of “Light”

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. Many people who are pursuing photography conveniently ignore the concept of light while doing the photography looking at its complex nature then let it be a natural light or artificial light. Majority of the time the photography followed is subject oriented rather than the light oriented photography.

The word “photography” has roots in Greek and literally means “drawing with light.”

But still beginners or even commercial photographer at times often pick up a camera and starts shooting without thinking of light.

Mastering a few lighting fundamentals irrespective of natural or artificial light, it can bring lot of positive improvements from many other aspiring photographers and take your images to the next level

To achieve the desired result in the photograph, the photographer MUST understand about “how to see the light”

Lighting is a key factor in creating a great image.

Professional photographers achieve the desired results by understanding and setting the light precisely which will determine tonality, mood, emotion, and other physical attributes.

While working in studio environment or with the studio lights, strobes, speed lights or flash, controlling and positioning the light is extremely important to get required texture, colour vibrancy, shape and as well as the mood in the photography by distributing the shadows and highlights precisely to achieve the professional results.

In these two days photography workshop, our expert photography Mentor Kiran Joshi will be teaching all about studio lighting. Kiran Joshi who is professional photographer from The Lens India based on his several years of his experience is going to share his experience, tips, and tricks about how to see light and step by step approach to understand the light from photography point of view.

We will be touching upon Lighting ratios, 6 different lighting patterns, and facial positions are all important factors which can be used to pursue various genres of photography like fashion photography, glamour photography, portrait photography, pre-wedding photography, wedding photography or maternity photo shoot.

Photography Workshop schedule as follows:
:  23rd & 24th Jul 2022
Timing: 10:30am ~ 5:30pm
Location: The Lens India studio, Pune
Workshop Fees: Rs.7,000/Person (Including lunch)

Workshop Contents:

Day 1:
– Understanding Quality of Light

– Understanding Light Modifiers and Light Behaviour

– Understanding 6 different Lighting Patterns, Techniques

– Understanding Lighting Ratio
– Q & A

Day 2:
– What is “High Key” lighting?

– What is “Low Key” lighting?

– How to set exposure with Studio lights for ecommerce photography & catalogue photography

– Hands-on practical by participants

– Q & A

What is the takeaway from this workshop?

  • A thorough and deep understanding about the light and how to see the light on the subject.
  • Will help you to capture better photographs while you are doing either portrait, family portrait, fashion photography, pre-wedding, or wedding photography
  • Consistent quality output
  • Good control and play of highlights and shadows in the photograph
  • Precise understanding about the placement of lights or position of subject while working in natural light scenario
  • Last but not the least, shift the approach of photography from “subject” oriented photography to “light” oriented photography


We have designed this photography workshop very carefully to help the aspiring photographer community as well as the commercial photographer community.


Considering the above workshop content, we are sure that you would not like to miss this opportunity of our photography workshop.

So why wait…please register fast before it is overbooked…

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