Wildlife Photography CourseWildlife Photography Course


Wildlife photography course in Pune is the photography course designed for those who are willing to excel their skills of photography with respect to wildlife photography

This course will enable you to understand the technical aspects of photography as well as it involves much deeper understanding to develop your creative vision.

This course is divided in two parts “Part-1” cover the aspects of photography and “Part-2” include post processing sessions or

image editing sessions where you will be given insights to develop the basic understanding of editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom and the editing workflow is established.

By the end of this wildlife photography course, your confidence as a wildlife photographer will improve to great extent.

What type of Photography you will be able to do after completion of this course?

If you practise/study thoroughly, students can raise their level by one step and pursue photography in the form or art and can excel in landscape photography, wildlife photography, etc 

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your camera and gear so you can use them to their fullest potential to take unforgettable photos and start your journey as wildlife photographer

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Part 1 – Photography Skills required for Wildlife photography

Duration: 13 Weekend Session (2 Hours/Sessions)


  • Understanding concept of Light & its importance for photography (Available/Natural)
  • Direction of light, Types of light, Color of light, height of light
  • Understanding Functions and features of DSLR
  • Detail Menu Settings of DSLR camera 
  • Understanding Lenses
  • Focusing & its different methods
  • Understanding ISO, Shutter speed & aperture & its application
  • Understanding Depth of field
  • Understanding Built-in Light meters of DSLR
  • Exposure compensation and control
  • How to read Histogram
  • Color temperature
  • White Balance controls
  • Filters
  • Composition guidelines
  • Equipment’s required for wildlife
  • Wildlife photography ethics do’s and don’t
  • 1 Wildlife Safari tour with 6 Safari’s for Hands-on Experience

Part 2 – Image Post Processing

Duration: 3 Weekend Session (2 Hours/Sessions)


  • Concept & need of Image processing
  • Understanding the terms used in Photoshop for photography 
  • Tools used for post processing 
  • Standard workflow to be followed while post-processing
  • The Wildlife Photography course guided by Best and Professional mentors.

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